Wednesday, October 6, 2010

LUXURY FANTASIES: the Bed you sleep in

"Luxury are items which provide extra pleasure 
by flattering all senses at once" 

Many people do not pay attention much to the fact that they spend a third of their lives in bed. Beds are often neglected when it comes to design or renewal. And the bedroom especially is often the stepchild of decorating and/or interior design because it is generally not accessible to the "public" as a dining room or a living room.

Now imagine you have a budget without the common limits - what would you be craving for? For a canopy bed such as this one by Irish designer Joseph Walsh ?

original image source luxury-insider

This marvellous bed is "built from wood which is sliced into thin layers, Walsh used free form bending to give the wood its elegant curves. It is a one of a kind piece." (read more

Or would it rather be this type of bed?  
"Liechtenstein based Lomme  presents a new sleeping experience designed to focus on inducing quality sleep, the Lomme Bed.
This egg-shaped bed combines simple, minimalist design with sophisticated, cutting-edge technology to create a protected, relaxing space ideal for rest and rejuvenation." (read more

original image source luxury-insider

Or would you prefer to sleep in a rather traditional bed but designed with exquisite types of wood, created by Parnian, a family business that specializes on luxury furniture. 
"Parnian has gained a world-wide reputation is in its exquisite hand-painted finishes. At first glance, furniture done in the custom mixed and painted finishes seem to resemble delicate porcelain, or marble. In reality, the Parnian Porcelain Signature Collection of furniture is created out of wood and wood products which are then finished in a thirty-five step lacquer/urethane resin finishing system." (from their website)

 original image source luxury-insider

And here is another option for your precious sleep from a company Vi-Spring located in Great Britain which apparently produces beds for unspeakable 84.000 $!!! But they are eco-friendly! I am sure you are paying this from your pocket money just as David Beckham....

original image source trend-hunter

I think if you belong to those people who just don't make such a fuss about headboard, foot part, inbuilt night tables etc. the following may be the right dream for you. A bed that is "hanging" free, to be placed wherever you want, a "suspended bridge bed" by Max Longin.  
 "This design was inspired after Max Longin, mathematician and designer, had been sitting on a suspension bridge and noticed the nice, calming movement the bridge produced-a perfect sensation to fall asleep to. Float is held in place by four stainless steel cords that are connected to a frame of wooden rods and steel bows which can support a weight of up to 2645 lbs." (from yanko-design)"

original image source yanko-design

or would you rather go with the Fluttua Bed for the optical illusionist???  
"Fluttua is an innovative bed design with no legs visible so it appears to be floating. It’s actually very simple, with support from the wall and one leg under the center of the bed. It gives a great visual effect, specially with the underbed lighting - look - no monsters!" (see more here)
 The bed has been designed by Daniele Lago, 2004

 original image source trend-hunter

You like stained glass - then be sure to check out this for an unusual bed:
"Xander Blue fuses the mythical glow of old-world stained glass and the sleek style of high-tech construction; creating unique glass furniture for residential and business use. Each piece is custom made by designer, Andrew Ramsgard." (from website)

 original image source trend-hunter



DesignTies said...

Wow, what a fantastic collection of unique beds!! Hard to pick a favourite..... I think the canopy bed in the first picture looks the most comfortable and relaxing, so that one is my pick :-)

Warm greetings from Ottawa sent your way!!


Anonymous said...

Dear Petra, To my great sadness and for reasons which I cannot fully understand or explain, I have never owned a comfortable bed. The beds you show here are most remarkable but they do not immediately strike me as comfortable. So, in spite of their unusual designs and state of the art constructions, I must decline them all!!

Unknown said...

Hi Kelly, that would be my first choice too if we hadn't already a bed made in heaven - a Japanese style bed, with tatamis and futon and the frame, headboard and foot piece hand carved by me with two Tibetan dragons. Because our futon has become a bit thin after all the years we are sleeping on it (more than 20 years) we placed an eco-friendly foam rubber matress between tatamis and futon and now it is heaven to sleep on this bed. No more back aches, no more tensions. Never again I would sleep on anything else!!!

Unknown said...

...and dear Kelly, warm greetings sent back to you from Munich - weather is awful again here... :(

Unknown said...

Hi dear Edith, this is too bad. A good bed is really important and must not cost a fortune. I am dead the next morning if I cannot sleep well and without any pains. So if you see my answer to Kelly @ DesignTies you see our solution. I specifically hate beds which are high from the floor. Ours is sitting on the floor on just a thin wooden plate - this also means that it does not overpower our small bedroom which is also our TV, reading and relaxing room.
I have to re-do the photographs of the bed and I will definitely show them in one of the next posts...

design traveller said...

intriguing designs... very original.

storage beds said...

The images here are exciting and beautiful. love the various styles that have been exhibited.

storage beds

French Furniture said...

These are just amazing! I love the top image with the canopy bed. This is just stunning!

Foam-By-Mail said...

Incredible designs. Pair them with a custom mattress and your bed will be about as unique as anything out there.

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