Thursday, April 5, 2012

GUEST POST: Glass Art in 3D

Following is a guest post by Shahab Shokouhi and it is all about glass. What do I say - GLASS ART:

GLASS ART: All Glass 3D Carved & Solid Frosted Glass Entry

Etched Glass Art is not only for the Oakland Raiders of the world. Granted, it doesn't come cheap, as each piece is hand crafted and very unique. But the applications of functional glass art are endless.

A glass art design studio in California called Sans Soucie Art Glass is producing these works of glass art for commercial spaces like hotels, casinos, restaurants, offices, hospitals, and even universities and churches.

Stained Glass Desert Chapel Cross

But not all of their work is showcasing a company design or logo. They also have a huge collection of glass art for one's home. Instead of having a run of the mill glass shower enclosure, a custom glass art enclosure really makes you feel like you're in an out of this world resort. Here are some examples:

Arctic Frameless Shower Enclosure | Rugged Retreat Shower IV

Another category of glass art that turns heads is the 3D carved glass art. Some of these beautiful hand crafted glass carvings look like quartz crystal!

Glass Glacier Sculpture

Below is a carved and painted 3D glass art sculpture --that is also serving the function of a glass partition. The artist created this piece with a multi-stage sandblasting process, cutting deep into the glass, creating a sculpted relief texture.

Psalm 42:1 Painted Glass Partition

Here's another example of sandblasted glass partitions:

Suspended Decorative Glass Partitions (Each Panel is 12" x 120" x 3/4" Clear Glass)

While beautiful, these decorative sandblast etched glass partitions don't come cheap. These will run you several thousands of dollars.

Mixing lighting with a custom etched glass table top is a unique way to create a design cue. In this glass end table, shadows of the “chevron” design are cast on the floor, as seen below.

“Chevrons” 3D Carved & Painted Glass End Table

Many interior designers may not even be aware such options with glass art are even available.

And why not create privacy with art? This ‘Tropical’ 3D carved etched glass window gives you privacy through a work of art. By combining frosted glass with carved texture, light still enters the room, while giving you added privacy.

Tropical – Privacy Window

All of the images and glass seen here are by Sans Soucie Art Glass. Sans Soucie will be able to answer all questions regarding pricing and availability.

About the Author

Shahab Shokouhi is a Writer at Dulles Glass and Mirror -- a manufacturer of commercial and residential glass products including tempered glass, glass table tops, and vanity mirrors.


Thank you for this lovely post, Shahab. 



Shahab said...

thanks Petra... I love your blog. :)

Anonymous said...

It's nice .. Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures of Frosted Glass art.

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