Thursday, June 4, 2009

Living Room in Black and White

Rooms in black and white can be très chic. But I think "missing" colour should be compensated by something spectacular - you need an eyecatcher to focus upon - possibly this drawing if you have a faible for grotesques.

If you would like to know more about the drawing Vanity from the Deadly Sins series then click here.

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click here for the original
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43" x 27"/58" x 32", drawing mounted on silk
©Petra Voegtle


Unknown said...

The entire living room is a modern art. Not only the painting, but the furniture is very well positioned. Great series


Unknown said...

I love black and white, I prefer a bit more then minimalist design, it's too severe for me personally. I admire absolut modern design, just not for me to live in it, I am too cluttered...
Love your artwork!

Onsite Support said...

The whole room is matched with the furniture very well
i like good furnitures..
Cushion and Covers

Patrice said...

The black and white furniture are very well arranged thus making the entire living room looks elegant.

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