Monday, June 1, 2009

LUCKY HOUSE: dipped in lilac and violet

I know - I'm walking a fine line again because I leave the track of the interiors and walk straight away towards the exterior. And again I'll show art but not made by me but Mother Nature again. I simply could not resist to show you this wisteria which I think is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen growing in a garden and overgrowing the garage.

Now what does this tell you about the people living in that house? You could assume that they apparently rather walk than taking the car because you cannot pass the garage with a sea of blossoms such as this one. Very sympatico! Isn't it? I wished I had such a wisteria tree in front of my home. It was simply breathtaking and I hardly could make myself going away again. What a lucky house and what lucky people!

Btw - more blooms and blossoms can be found here.



Unknown said...

This is true abundance! What a color and richness in blooms!

Meghann said...

Beautiful, I feel relaxed just looking at my monitor :)

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