Saturday, October 16, 2010

ECCENTRIC DISCOVERIES: Colours for Happiness

In my former post I was talking about living in a completely white interior. Furniture by Lisa Whatmough is the complete opposite. Mostly styles from the 19th century downwards but hidden beneath surfaces which simply jubilate with striking colours and patterns in combinations which could make you crazy. But it is a happy form of craziness, it makes you smile, even laugh!

Eccentric nonsense you may say but I have found out that I simply adore certain pieces of this furniture. I think the trick is to use only one single piece in one room - this helps the eye to get used to it and appreciative for the happiness those colours will spread in your house.
"What started as a desire to showcase her collection of 19th century fabrics and silk turned out to be a fascinating business enterprise for Lisa Whatmough, who set up Squint in 2005 to make bespoke armchairs and sofas". (read more on luxury-insider)

(original image sources for above luxury.insider)


 (original image sources for above squintlimited)



Anonymous said...

Dear Petra, Although I own nothing like the furniture you show here, it certainly has an appeal for me. As you say, I feel that it would be best used as a statement piece in a room with little in the way of competition. But, it certainly has humour, eccentricity and a dynamism which I think could make for a most exciting interior.

K&B by the Sea said...

I love these pieces!! The colours and patterns are so vibrant and fun :-)

I agree, one piece like this in a room is all you need to really make a statement.


P.S. I've just launched a new interior design blog. Stop by and check it out when you have a chance :-)

Unknown said...

Dear Edith, I don't either but I would love that chair in mostly black colours.
First I was struck and thought how crazy - but the more I looked at those pieces the more I liked them. They have something very special....

Unknown said...

Hi Kelly, congratualtions for your new blog baby. It sounds like great fun and I look forward to see the next posts!

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