Saturday, October 9, 2010

Surprise in the Hallway

From the interior design point of view this hallway really does not offer too much for the eye to see - the place is simply too narrow to fill it with "stuff". But white walls and white wooden floors offer some alternatives of course - there are alway possibilities for an eyecatcher.

So what would you say if - let's assume this small and narrow corridor is on the second floor of a house and while you are climbing up the stairs - your view goes directly to this wall with that drawing of a sardonic face? Would you feel surprise? A bit? I suppose so and that would be the intention. HA!

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This drawing belongs to a series about the 7 Deadly Sins (although I have only finished 3 of them so far but it is planned to become a series of 7 drawings).

The pencil drawings of the "Deadly Sins" (on 30 gr Chinese Wenzhou paper) are quite large and therefore handled like scrolls. They are backed with a thin pongé silk, mounted on silk/paper scrolls (painted or dyed silk backed with painted Chinese Wenzhou paper) and finally hung on hand made wooden dowels, coated with acrylic lacquer (several layers) which are removable for easier storage etc.

If you would like to see the other drawings check this link.

43" x 27"/58" x 32", drawing mounted on silk
©Petra Voegtle

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