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GUEST POST: 10 most unusual Candles

We will soon experience a significant loss of light again - as it is usual for this time of the year in the northern hemisphere. So it is the time for candles gain and their wonderful warm light that soothes heart and soul. A great guest post by Lily Fox might lead you to some unusual ideas how to add a special accent to any room:

10 Most Unusual Candles

Candles have developed over the years to take many different forms. Typical candle designs include pillars, scented candles, and tealight candles, as well as more traditional candelabras and outdoor lanterns. However, it is also possible to find some more unusual candles, which take strange shapes, and imitate familiar objects. Some of the best and most unusual candles consequently include those shaped like eggs, or wads of money, and those that are made to smell like bacon or coffee. Other candles take creative approaches to projecting shadows and other patterns from their light, and make for great decorative touches around the home.

scented pillar candles

1 - Egg Candles

These candles are made to look like a boiled egg sitting in a glass container. As the candle burns down, the ‘shell’ melts away, and the wax that dribbles out is coloured yellow to resemble yolk.

image source

2 - Bacon Candles

For the many people that love the smell of bacon, but can’t bring themselves to eat it, bacon candles provide an unusual solution. These candles are triple scented to give them the scent of cooking bacon, and can be placed to recreate its aroma in different parts of the home. Probably not the best gift idea for vegetarians or vegans, though.

image source

3 - Lumen Candles

These imaginative candles by artist Adam Frank are housed in stainless steel lamps. As they burn, the candles throw distinctive silhouettes onto a back wall, with shapes including trees and plants.

image source

4 - Money to Burn Candles

People that have always wanted to burn a money note with a cigar, but have never had the courage - or the money to spend - can use this alternative. A candle shaped like a stack of dollar bills, the Money to Burn candles gradually melts away the artificial money.

image source

5 - Indian Corn Candles

Designed to look as much like real corn as possible, Indian Corn Candles are even coloured to resemble originals. Although why anyone would want to have this as a form of decoration is questionable, the candles do melt away over time to reveal different layers.

image source

7 - Sushi Candles

Made from beeswax, sushi candles use a fibre wick and futomaki and spam sizes to resemble different pieces of Japanese sushi. Ideal as a decorative piece, they also look unreal enough to avoid the danger of someone trying to taste them.

image source

8 - Cheese Candle

Another of the many candle designs that emulate food, the cheese candle, as the name suggests, looks like a block of cheese. As the wick burns down, the wax melts to leave holes, and gradually breaks down the lump.

image source

9 - Lego Candles

An ingenious example of using candle holders in a creative way, Lego candles involve building up wax blocks, which then use the holes in the Lego design to place tealights. Lego Candles can be arranged into different configurations, albeit always remembering to be safe in terms of balancing them out on a surface.

image source

10 - Cappuccino Candle

Installed within a glass cappuccino mug, this candle is designed to make its top and wick resemble a mound of foam, which gets eaten away through different coffee and chocolate layers. Scented candles that use cappuccino and other coffee aromas are also available.

 image source


Thank you Lily for this amusing post


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