Saturday, January 1, 2011

A sweet little Bedroom in Cream and Green and dreaming of sunlit Valleys

to everybody!

When the light is missing and the days are dull,cold and unfriendly don't you long for some friendly and cozy environment too? 
I miss the green outside and the colours but mostly the green. That feeling is coming back, the fainthearted question arising whether it will ever be warm again and whether there will be any colours ever outside again. Of course there will but at the moment it does not look like that. I hate this kind of weather, the winter, the cold and I wish to be in warmer regions and say goodbye to winter forever. Truly!

In the meanwhile I am dreaming of sunlit valleys on tropical islands, of wonderfully green palms and other trees which are swinging in a breeze and I imagine being in this bedroom, having a good night sleep there and waking up in the morning and seeing the ocean outside...heavenly...

Below is the original photo of this bedroom and I thought it needs a bit more art on the wall than just these tiny frames with the kids photos or grandchildren on the wall behind. To be honest would YOU hang these photos above your bed? There are better places for these...

The art work is a silk painting inspired by the landscapes of the Hawaiian Islands - where else? It is called The Valley.It is ready to be hung with or without additional frame as it is gallery wrapped (the staples are on the back only and it's sides are painted too).

"The Valley"
(from the Magic Landscapes Series)
silk, 21" x 40"
©Petra Voegtle

Other room examples with this painting can be found here.


K&B by the Sea said...

I know what you mean about longing for some green outside. Although pretty much all the snow here has melted, and the grass is actually still kind of green! But the trees are bare and there isn't much colour outside right now.

Your painting looks great above the bed. Much better than the four small pictures :-)

Happy 2011!

Unknown said...

Kelly, I am very glad that you have arrived home safely again. I hope you enjoyed your trip to Hungary and that you have many happy memories to think about!
Happy 2011 to you too!!!

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