Friday, November 19, 2010

Stenciling and Painting - a happy Serendipity

Lately I am experimenting again - with ancient Indian wooden block prints. But sometimes things do not work as they should as in this example. I did a faux marble painting and wanted to use one of my block prints which I have collected the past 20 years or so but then I realized to my horror that after heavy glazing the surface of the painting would not take the paints from the prints - I had to look for a different solution.

As I knew I could paint on the glazing but not print - the idea of stenciling on the painting came into my mind. I have always admired the work of Melanie Royals from the Royal Design Studio. Melanie is not only the company's president and creative director but also one of the most innovative and creative people of the decorative arts, what I have seen from her work.

This said I finally draw and cut some stencils for the painting and could in fact add the graphical element I wanted. Framed virtually in a nice frame I found out that this would be the perfect complement for wall and sofa in the following room vignette:

Below is the image with the original art piece on the wall:

 original image source and with courtesy of 

I must admit that the original art piece on the wall looks quite interesting on that textured wall and the colours are a great match but still I find it a bit gloomy. The Grey Marble painting is a more friendly alternative and its patterns complement those of the wall.

And here is the painting itself framed virtually in a nice frame:

"Grey Marble"
(from the Patterns series)
25" x 15", acrylic on paper
©Petra Voegtle


Greet Lefèvre said...

Hi Petra,
I wanted to thank you for your nice comment on my blog and now I am off to discover your latest blogposts!
Have a wonderful weekend in Munich(not that for away from each other!!)

Unknown said...

Hi Greet,
you are very welcome. I like your blog very much - very inspiring and interesting.
A wonderful weekend to you too!!

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