Friday, November 5, 2010

Night Blue in the Bedroom is just not enough

Honestly - how would you feel in this bedroom? Admittedly it is a small room and there are not many possibilities to style this space but there is still room for some decoration - isn't it?

What I like here is the colour composition - the night blue of the walls looks very nice with the cream colour of the doors but this is it. What irritates me most are the two openings - one with a door, the other one without, apparently leading into the adjacent dressing room (?) and finally bathroom. Not the perfect solution in my opinion and a waste of space.  The bed seems to have been squashed into this room, hardly leaving any space to move around. Not a very good idea. At least it looks like this in the photo.

Additionally the original wall decoration just looks too bland. I understand that in a small place like this you cannot hang a very large wall piece but there are alternatives to make this place a little bit more interesting I believe.

And in order to mention another little detail - I would never have left plug and switch in that cream colour but rather made them "invisible" in night blue as well or rather transparent.

My suggestion would have been this silk painting Frozen which would have added some excitement to this room as you can see below.

The silk painting belongs to the series of Magic Landscapes. It is gallery wrapped (painted on the sides) on a stretcher frame and ready to be hung even without additional frame.

(from the Magic Landscapes series)
40" x 20", silk

©Petra Voegtle

Here you can see another room example with this painting.

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