Saturday, November 6, 2010

Night Blue continued - another Alternative

As an addition to my previous post about an unspectacular bedroom and its possiblities I forgot to show you another alternative with a different painting. And this is my suggestion:

And this is what this painting is about:

Did you know that ferns belong to the oldest plants on this planet and that they once became real trees and finally ended up in petrified trees? A fascinating theme and I am totally enthralled by fossils. It is somehow extremely exciting when you split a piece of rock into two pieces and then find an amazing piece of petrified animal such as an ammonite or a plant. But I am digressing...

This painting is more than just an hommage to the wonderful ferns that once lived on this planet it is also meant to symbolize the primordial soup of this universe. The background shows a kind of marbling effect that is not only represented by stones but if you look at pictures from the Hubble telescope you will see similar patterns in the star clouds of foreign galaxies. This painting is also a view into earth's history.

 "Triassic Prints II"
(from the Minerals and Fossils series)
40" x 13", silk

©Petra Voegtle

(BoxHeart Gallery, Pittsburgh)



Anonymous said...

Dear Petra, I am interested to learn that you find fossils fascinating. In Dorset, a county which is amongst my favourites in England, there is the Jurassic Coast which is noted for the amazing range of fossils to be collected there.

I must confess that I do not like the blue of this bedroom. too sombre, too lifeless and certainly too blue for me.

Unknown said...

Dear Edith,
you will find it even more interesting when I tell you that my dear partner who is born in London, grew up in Bournemouth. Always these coincidences - LOL! Unfortunately we have never found the time to check the coast for any potential finds which I deeply regret...

I had to giggle about your comment - you definitely have a point...

K&B by the Sea said...

I didn't know that about ferns - interesting!

I find fossils fascinating too. They're an amazing link to the beginning of life on Earth, and give us the opportunity to see creatures and plants that no longer exist.

Love your painting, and the long rectangular shape is perfect for that spot on the wall.


P.S. Of course it's not too late to travel to Italy and see trulli homes! :-)

Unknown said...

Kelly - thank you so much again. Your compliment is well appreciated! Kudos to you!

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