Wednesday, November 17, 2010

GUEST POST: Wreaths for the Holidays

Wreaths can be a beautiful decor for your home. You don't need to water them regularly as you would have to do with a bouquet and you don't need an extra vessel to put them in - you just can hang them on your door or on the wall, place them on a table or on a planter  etc.
I love to have a wreath for the holidays, one made from pine twigs or fir because I love the scent of the needles - this always reminds me of childhood days. The downside of these is though that they lose the needles eventually and you have all that mess on your table and home.

Yesterday I received  a letter from Home Infatuation about unusual wreaths for the holidays and I found  them very beautiful so that I did not want to withhold to show you these.
"The foliage is fresh magnolia leaves and the company is The Magnolia Company. The foliage is grown on a family-owned farm. Over 70 years ago the original founders of The Magnolia Company grew and sold fresh fern foliage to florists across the US. In the 1990s they began receiving requests for fresh magnolia leaves, and soon afterwards they began planting acres of magnolia.

Now they ship thousands of fresh and dried wreaths and lacquer painted wreaths which were selected last year by the White House.
The wreaths can be purchased at Home Infatuation, which offers everything required for distinctive outdoor living. For more information, call 877-224-8925, or visit Check out our blog at"
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"How to Use Holiday Wreaths

From open houses to family get-togethers, the holiday season is an ideal time to express yourself through creative home décor, and wreaths offer a great starting point. "Fresh and dried wreaths come in different styles and add a rich look to any space," says Mike Voyles of "Themed wreaths using flowers, leaves and dried vegetables can add whimsy to Halloween or create a warm and elegant look for end-of-year celebrations."

Depending on how you use it, the wreath can be the center of attention. It can adorn the big double doors of a custom home or hang above a fireplace, adding to the coziness of a living room. Add candles, and it also can serve as an elegant centerpiece for your holiday table.

The use of natural colors, textures and materials continues to be an increasingly popular trend. Fresh wreaths reflect the growth of green-friendly design, using magnolia leaves adorned with elements au naturel, from holiday gourds, pomegranates and natural pods to lemons, artichokes and berries. "They also add a sense of serenity to an unadorned space," says Voyles. "One of our favorites is the Magnolia Leaf Wreath, creating attention with its eye-catching luminous look."

According to Voyles, dried wreaths are a practical option. “To infuse color into a neutral-shade area and welcome in the fall or holiday season, try wreaths made of dried green and copper colored magnolia leaves adorned with dried autumn oak leaves, setaria, magnolia pods, yarrow and fall gourds. Presented as an accent or an integral part of your décor, it can define the landscape of your living space.”

Home Infatuation features fresh and dried magnolia wreaths that are made from foliage grown on a family-owned farm. The company offers everything required for distinctive outdoor living. Home Infatuation -- which now offers international shipping -- chooses products from around the world, delivering a high level of customer service and a quality experience. For more information, call 877-224-8925, or visit Check out our blog at"


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