Sunday, November 14, 2010

Saris on the Wall - as Paintings

This is a wonderfully airy hallway - space in abundance, no clutter. There is plenty of room for decoration if you want to do this and I have some suggestions.
My brandnew work would look fabulous on these walls, an eyecatcher in colour and some teasing for the viewer because not everything is as it seems...

If you look at the original setting there is too much blank space in my opinion and a focal object is needed. I don't know why the interior designer placed this chaiselongue in this room as its purpose is not quite clear to me - maybe it is only an extension to the garden/terrace area but even then I miss some additional seats.

The two paintings belong to my brandnew series about Patterns. I painted in various red shades on heavy watercolour paper and finally added block printing with ancient Indian handcarved wooden models from my collection. The graphical elements were highlighted with metallic pigments to evoke a more authentic feeling of those heavily embroidered saris Indian women tend to wear for their weddings.

"Sari I"
(from the Patterns series)
20" x 15", acrylic on paper
©Petra Voegtle

The second sari piece was shadow printed with 2 colours, green and gold, which can be seen in the detail photo.

"Sari II"
(from the Patterns series)
20" x 15", acrylic on paper
©Petra Voegtle

If you would like to know more about this series please check my blog Images and Imagination which is all about art...


Anonymous said...

Dear Petra, What a fascinating process you have used to create these paintings. They do inded resemble Indian fabrics and certainly add a luxurious touch to this otherwise rather bleak entrance hall.

Unknown said...

Dear Edith,
thank you again for your nice comment. I am always looking for different techniques and processes, I love to experiment although I also love traditional painting of course. But sometimes you just need to try something new...

K&B by the Sea said...

Wow, your sari paintings are fantastic! You've done an amazing job of capturing the look and feel of fabric in paint :-)

And I agree, the chaise looks kind of lonely there!


Unknown said...

Thank you for your nice compliment, Kelly.

Dan said...

This painting looks so real to life, I actually thought it was a fabric sample in the frame. These fabric designs and colours are so bright and colourful, they are used in so many different ways from art in frames, to curtains , bedspreads and throws.
From Dan

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