Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Interior Design on Ranches and their Signatures

The interior design of a ranch would certainly include the appropriate symbols and signatures of a life on the country and living with its animals. But sometimes you can do a little too much I find as in this case.

The entry hall is quite dark and makes you well aware where you are and including a new object of interest like this silk painting adds even more focus to the land instead of a photo or painting with another "ranching" motif such as a typical "cowboy" motif. See original below. Or what is your take on this

    original image source from http://www.getdecorating.com

"Dry Land"
(from the Magic Landscapes series)

40" x 21", silk

©Petra Voegtle

Other vignettes with this painting can be found here and here.


DesignTies said...

I agree with you, this entry is a bit too dark them themey. Although I do really like the hardwood floor.

I think your silk painting looks much better than the piece of artwork that's hanging there. The scale and colours are perfect :-)


P.S. Congrats on losing 13 pounds!!

Unknown said...

Thank you Kelly!

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