Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Firework of Colours - in a Crystal

Remember the other painting about tourmalines? It is here. This is another one with completely different colours and different shapes. Tourmalines belong to the most variegated minerals. Take the complete colour wheel and you will have all potential hues and shades of the crystal.That's so fascinating with tourmalines.

This one has been painted in acrylic on cotton. You can hang it with or without an additional frame. Illuminated with the right light the colours of this painting start to glow...

(Click on the images for enlargement)
"Tourmaline II"
(from the "Crystals and Minerals" series)
40" x 13", acrylic on cotton
©Petra Voegtle

Some virtual examples of a room with this painting on the wall are enclosed in the following links: interior1, interior2

I have added some photos of this fascinating mineral:

(image source:

And here is another, very unusual tourmaline crystal in order to show you how variegated this mineral is:

(image source:

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