Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cool it down with a Painting

This acrylic painting Aquamarine is certainly not meant for collectors of crystals and minerals only but for anyone who feels seduced by the translucency of these natural beauties.

"Aquamarine derives it name from the Latin term for seawater - and one look at this elegant gem's blue hues easily explains why.
According to legend, aquamarine was the treasure of mermaids and had the power to keep sailors safe at sea. It was also thought to possess a number of other mystical properties, including the ability to help couples smooth out their differences; protect against the wiles of the devil; cure headaches, insomnia and other ailments; quicken the intellect; and attract new friends. It is the symbol for youth, hope, health and fidelity.
It is also the birthstone for March and the recommended gem for couples celebrating their 19th wedding anniversary." (from Gallery Mona Lisa)

The painting tries to reflect the translucency of this marvellous crystal and also the various hues an aquamarine can show due to light and various reflections.

(from the "Minerals" series)
40" x 13", acrylic on cotton
©Petra Voegtle

You would like to see how this painting appears in a room? Please check these links:

If you would like to know more about the "making of" this painting please read here

And here are some photos of the real crystal:

 image source

 image source

image source

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