Thursday, July 15, 2010

A modern Dining Room in a tropical Environment

In tropical regions you normally look for simplicity. I think the presence of over-decoration would be cumbersome and wearing. You look for airiness in a hot country. No heavy furniture, frugality of textiles and fabrics on the wall would be the right recipe. Which in fact does not mean you should relinquish all decoration such as art work in the room.

I like this dining room for its clean lines - if it were in a private home though I found it too restrictive so I would add some more paintings on the wall such as Morning in Sumatra and Angkor's Relics. Having the advantage of filling walls with all sorts of greenery while the windows and doors can be left open is nonetheless priceless.

   original image source from

 "Morning in Sumatra" and "Angkor's Relics"
(from the Magic Landscapes series) 
40" x 13" each, silk
©Petra Voegtle

(BoxHeart Gallery, Pittsburgh)

The images are painted on silk and additionally stitched to add texture. Some gold metallic pigments were added to the paint to create some highlights. The paintings are gallery wrapped and ready to be hung with or without frames.

If you would like to see other room examples see here and here.

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