Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dining Room with Landscape...

A dining room without any knick-knack but in warm earthy colours. The latter always creates a cosy and inviting feeling and in this case there is no exception to the rule.

It is not meant to be cynical when I thought this silk painting Dry Land to be an excellent addition to the vibrancy of this room because it assimilates the very same colours. Additionally it leads into the distance what might be an advantage for a rather small room such as this one.

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The painting was inspired by the breathtaking colours I have seen in Egypt. The skies over the desert are exploding with all hues of red, yellow, violets and purples, colours I have never seen in my life before. They must hail from the palette of the Big Spirit Himself - no human being can create colours such as these.

But to every beauty there is also a downside. These are the cosmic laws of balance and duality. In arid regions such as this, water is the most precious treasure. And as usual some areas have plenty - others none at all. So survival becomes a daily task that often ends fatally.

We - as tourists - can return into our well-balanced and air-conditioned homes, our mind full of magnificent images but the people who cannot return to a different location have to face the challenge. Whether they have the eye and the leisure for this unearthly beauty is doubtful. Their life is wrapping around different issues - the one of survival of their families and themselves.

Dry land does not grow crops. Instead it is deadly. Deadly beautiful but with a treacherous beauty. No human can survive here.

"Dry Land"
(from the Magic Landscapes series)

40" x 21", silk

©Petra Voegtle


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Ivory Pearl Interiors said...

I love the painting. The colours are so earthy! I love them.

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