Friday, July 17, 2009


The ultimate intangible eccentricity for me personally would be this underwater resort that will open its doors in 2010 on the Fiji Islands.

I am an outdoor girl and I love to be in the countryside, in the woods. There is nothing more satisfying than watching animals in the wild, see what grows out there etc. etc. But my absolute favourite place in the world is being under the surface of warm waters, in the pacific blue or any other ocean. This is my world, this could be my home, this is my very own origin that I feel deep in my soul.

After I experienced the colourful underwater world while snorkeling in southeast Asia for the first time in my life I was hooked. I have always loved water, learned to swim before I went to school and have spent all my summer holidays always near water, be it a lake, a river or the sea. But actually seeing the fantastic underwater world in reality in Asia made my heart leap and wishing for more. Much more.

I learned to dive on Maui 11 years ago. What would be a better place than the bluest ocean in the world. What could be a better place than the Hawaiian Islands. And I learned it the hard way - with a former navy officer who knew no mercy. It was an excellent training - not the swimming pool thing - but the real one, the one with huge waves, with sometimes no visibility at all but only touching for your partner in order not to be lost, the one where you had to walk quite a while with all that heavy gear on your shoulders, the one were you had to watch out for razor sharp corals or all kinds of stingy things.

I asked myself more than once whether I really wanted to do that, spend my holiday with a training such as this...but it was the best thing I could do - ever! EVER!

Now I found this link. The Poseidon Resort on the Fiji Islands. This would be the fulfillment of my dreams - to spend a week or so in a room such as the one that can be seen in the last pic. On the other hand I would have to win the lottery in order to be able to afford such a holiday - so I am afraid this will remain a dream...

(screenshots from the website)

... but dreaming we can - can't we?
And what about creating interiors for a location such as this one? Imagine working in such an environment - this would be just too much... Imagine getting up in the morning eye to eye with a nautilus or even one of those wonderful whale sharks. And how about seeing a manta fly by?

A small series of silk paintings (which I intend to continue) would be the perfect decoration for an environment such as this one - but judge for yourself:

all 40" x 13", silk paintings by
©Petra Voegtle


Pink Links said...

I have always loved water. I see river from my window.

Dreams are very important! I'm dreaming all the time:)

Lovely art!

French furniture said...

wow, what a place!

Unknown said...

Thank you for your nice compliment, Pink Links. And you are right - dreams help you stay sane...

Flat Roof Repairs Richmond VA said...

Everythings so beautiful!

<3 Lindsay

Campbell Jane said...

These are so beautiful! The colors are lovely as well as the feeling they evoke.

Unknown said...

Jane, thank you so much for your kind words!

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