Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Magic Landscapes from another World...

A river journey on the river Li, when tourist boats did not clog up yet the landscapes, was an experience I would never miss in my life. The landscape around Guilin IS magical and has been inspirational for painters for hundreds of years.

I wished I could go back with my easel or the camera and continue what I started so many years ago - explore every bend of the river, feeling like a child that is curious about a surprise that may be behind the next corner in a Walt Disney park...

Inspired by the wonderful memories and photos (more photos) I made on this very special journey, I created a silk painting - The Monuments of Guilin.

(from the Magic Landscapes series)
Polyptych, 40" x 65", silk
©Petra Voegtle

This silk painting consists of 5 panels, which can be hung together or separately. Details can be seen here.

So the question is where to hang such a painting? It needs a bit space in order to achieve its full effect of distance. Now if this hallway (below) were in my house I definitely would hang this painting here. I also found a lamp I would add to increase the magic of this landscape and the memories before my inner view. I love this lamp because it complements the colours of the wall as well as the painting perfectly with its fine shade and delicate porcelaine foot by von Wilmowsky.

original image source from

Any other suggestion where to hang this painting? Please, let me hear your ideas...



cotedetexas said...

you painted that? it is so gorgeous!!!! it would look fabulous over a console in a dining room! just beautiful!

Unknown said...

Yes - I did, Joni, as all paintings shown here on the blog as well as all the other artwork.
Thank you for your lovely compliment.

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