Thursday, May 7, 2009

Colour Spots on empty Walls...

These empty walls scream for some colour spots - don't you think? Starting a private little gallery, collecting art for your own enjoyment - wouldn't that be an idea?

I thought the cave paintings on silk would fit perfectly into a room that has a style reminiscent somehow of a modern villa that could easily be found in one of those terrific national parks of South Africa, ready to start a photography safari from.

The paintings belong to a series that is called Magic Symbols. The silk paintings themselves are Lascaux, Tassili I and Tassili II. Details can be found here.

original image source from

From left to right:
Tassili II, Lascaux, Tassili I
(from the Magic Symbols series)
40" x 13" each, silk

©Petra Voegtle

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