Thursday, May 14, 2009

Spark a little Fire in the Bedroom...

Maybe you know the sentence "sometimes less is more". Often people tend to overload their rooms with lots of "stuff" but in this case I thought that it could not be wrong to add a little extra to the wall in order to spark a little fire.

The artwork on the wall is a small silk caring from the Hawaiian Symbols series and is called Ahi ko A'a which means "fire of the lava". It is made from silk and has been painted.

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"Ahi ko A'a"
(from the Hawaiian Symbols series)
15" x 23", silk carving
©Petra Voegtle


Wild Child said...

that room is gorgeous!
good work

Unknown said...

not to leave any misunderstanding - the room was not my doing - "only" the art piece on the wall!
Thanks for visiting! :)

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