Monday, October 15, 2012

Why leaving the Walls so blank?

When I came across this photo of a bedroom I thought why did they leave the walls so blank?
Although I love white interiors here is just too much white so that it causes dazzling to the eye. Also the contrasts are too harsh in my opinion although the windows probably reveal a lot of green outside which soothes in fact the contrast. But with closed curtains this room looks very stylish but cold.

To break this feeling up I would place a large painting on the wall. The perfect complement for this room would be this silk painting consisting of 5 panels. The landscape here opens the view to a large distance and makes this room even larger. But at the same time the eye has something to lean and rest on without becoming irritated...

This room is probably part of a resort rather than a private villa and therefore it might not be very practical to have an expensive silk painting on the wall. But there is an alternative. I found another view of the very same room and this shows a large wall where a photo wallpaper could do miracles. The original wall looks like this:

A huge wall where an enlarged fine art print version on canvas or even on paper only would have the most wonderful effect:

The original silk painting was inspired by the magical landscapes in Southern China. To see that breathtaking landscape with your own eyes will never let you forget about it. Photos are not sufficient to catch the special light, the atmosphere of this beauty. You can look at some of the photos I have taken here but I wished I could go back with the camera and the easel and do what so many artists have done before me. So many motifs I would like to share...

 "Monuments of Guilin"
(from the Magic Landscapes series) 
Polyptych, 40" x 65", silk
©Petra Voegtle

The painting consists of 5 panels which are painted on silk. It even could be continued to a 360° view. Imagine a room with an endless landscape! It takes you into a 3d-view when you are in front of it and opens the space even more into nearly endless distance...

If you would like to see more details of this painting please check this link. If you would like to see more examples of rooms with this painting please see here.


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