Wednesday, September 29, 2010

FINDS: More than just Pottery from Etsy....

Here is another find from Etsy:  works from the Clay Studio by Heather Knight
Heather creates tiles - tiles which are beautiful little sculptures, inspired by the flora and fauna of the oceans, by creatures which live in an area that might never be seen by you but are so beautiful in their forms and patterns that they became the inspirations of a ceramic artist.

These tiles are not just meant to cover the wall of your bathroom or kitchen, these tiles are unique artworks, very fragile and delicate. But Heather does not only create tiles but also bowls, vases and more, equally inspired by the creatures of our planet...

In an interview she said: " inspiration comes mainly from textures and forms I find on my visits to the beach, or walks in the woods, and sometimes I find really cool stuff on city sidewalks..."

And now visit her studio on Etsy:

all images with courtesy of Heather Knight

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