Sunday, September 26, 2010

You think Quilts are out? Never....

Do you honestly believe that a quilt couldn't make it into a well designed big hallway? Why? Because you think a quilt belongs on a bed? Not so!
In my last post I was showing a very special art quilt with an exotic flair and motif. This time I chose something with a motif that should be familiar - Cygnes (Swans). I prefer the French name because it sounds much more delicate, more appropriate for those beautiful birds.

Would this beautiful huge entry hall not be predestined for a large art piece such as this hand stitched silk quilt? And would the grand piano in this place not be the perfect complementary object as if made for each other?

The original painting is certainly making a point but an art quilt would be a real eyecatcher - wouldn't it? Something that not everybody has on the wall.

The art quilt was made from silk, hand stitched with silk and finally painted. It is an hommage to one of the most beautiful birds on our planet, a bird that stands for grace, elegance, innocence and love:

76" x 54" silk art quilt
©Petra Voegtle

This wall hanging has been part of a project called “Piecing a Quilt of Life” an international project dedicated to empowering senior women by recognizing their creative abilities by Fiber Artist Dottie Moore in Rock Hill, South Carolina. It was part of an exhibition in the Rock Hill Museum for nearly 8 months and was featured on TV in the HGTV channel. More links...


Anonymous said...

Dear Petra, You do make a most interesting point here. Whilst there are many who would think to hang a large painting on the wall, few [and I have to say myself included] would naturally consider hanging a quilt in that position. Somehow, it sounds too 'homely', only for the bedroom, or altogether too whimsy. However, as you have certainly enlightened me, that need not be so.

I think that the quilt you feature here would be a perfect accompaniment for the piano. The colours are beautifully toned and the silk lifts the quality to justifying its position in the hallway rather than draped over a bed!

Unknown said...

LOL - Edith you are really funny - I thank you for the compliment.

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