Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Treasure on the Wall...

This is one of my favourite silk paintings Nautilus from the Magic Creatures series. This time I really looked for a room where this painting would look like a treasure on the wall. It's neither spectacular (the room) nor very big but it's simplicity reveals a decent elegance. The painting adds to the atmosphere and this is what a painting should do - don't you think?
If you would like to see more details of this painting click on the link above or on the photo below.

original image source from

(from the Magic Creatures Series)
silk, 40" x 13"
©Petra Voegtle


Kim said...

lovely decor Petra and your painting compliments the room beautifully!!!
this blog is a very creative way to show of your art works....fabulous!!!

Unknown said...

Thank you very much Kim. I often wonder myself where and how a piece of art can be placed to its advantage, both the room and the artwork. To virtually place it into a room is a great way to see where it would fit - I have learned already a lot through this.

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