Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Charm of old Walls and ancient Motifs

In one of my later posts I talked about the charm of old walls. This is another example. While I wrote about two silk paintings from the Magic Symbols series and ancient Minoan culture in my German blog I am showing here how wonderfully these paintings would harmonize with the old walls of this room.

Details about these silk paintings can be found here or click on the photos below.

original image source from

"Minoans I and II"
(from the Magic Symbols series)
40" x 13", silk
©Petra Voegtle

And what would you say about an interior design that is nearly 4000 years old? Doesn't these images reveal a charm that could be originated in any contemporary grand mansion? But these images come from the grand palace in Knossos on Kreta:


( from


Paul Pincus said...

definitely charming!

Unknown said...

Thank you Paul - I hope you meant the paintings - LOL (just kidding...)

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