Thursday, September 2, 2010

Chocolate Colours in the Bedroom...

This is a wonderfully simple setting in a bedroom with the colours of the earth. It is far from being boring - instead it is calming and peaceful. I feel though that there is something missing on this dark wall, a focal point. So I thought I have the perfect painting for this bedroom: Ricefields at Dawn from the Magic Landscapes series.

original image source and with courtesy of 

"Ricefields at Dawn"
(from the Magic Landscapes series) 
40" x 21", silk
©Petra Voegtle

The painting reflects all colours as shown in above image. It has been painted on silk and additionally stitched with silk thread in order to add texture.
The motif has been inspired by the many rice terraces you can find in southeast Asia which look absolutely awsome in the early morning light when the air is still full of moisture from the night.

You can find other vignettes with this painting here and here.


DesignTies said...

Very nice :-) Love the earthy colours, and the layers of terraces are really interesting :-)


Unknown said...

Thank you so much Kelly! I love those colours too especially if the right light is falling on these...

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