Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's Christmas Time...

To my dear Readers:

and a big Thank You for your patience!

With all my heart I wish you peace and love,
days full of happiness with your family and
furry and/or feathered angels!


Monday, December 5, 2011

Simple Compositions to spark Ideas

When I present paintings I always try to show them in a context. This does not have to be a complete room but often just one piece of furniture, a vase on a table etc. is enough. This way the viewer gets a better understanding how these paintings could look like in a room. Here are only a few options....

all images ©Petra Voegtle


Sunday, December 4, 2011

GUEST POST: Candles and their Meanings

This is the time for candles. When the days become dark outside the human longs for warmth and light. Here is an interesting guest post by Isabella Woods:   
Eternal Flame: Our Favourite Candles and their Meanings

Candles are no longer the sole domain of that dreadlocked hippy everyone thinks is a little weird. Far from it! In fact, with the likes of Victoria Beckham burning scented candles at her SS12 fashion show, candles are about as cool as things get at the moment. What’s more, now that the nights are drawing in and getting colder and the holiday season is well on its way, they’re a great way of making your home as warm, snug and cozy as possible.  Light up, lie back on your leather sectional sofa recliner – or even better – indulge in a relaxing bath, and feel yourself mellow as the scent envelopes you. Read on to discover the different meanings of candles and our favorite scented candles out there.

For many years, candles have been seen as a symbol of hope and love. They’re a welcoming sign at the end of a long journey, or a focal point in all manner of religious ceremonies. We have used them for years to help show us the way, to remember a special person or occasion, and to create a sense of calm. But the colors of candles also hold meanings, too. Here’s a breakdown of the most popular color candles and their meanings –

  • Red – red candles can mean a sign of health, vitality, fertility and strength, but they’re most obviously connected to passion, love and desire. Red candles are perfect for romantic nights in.
  • White – white is believed to be a cleansing color so light a white candle if you’re in need of calm. It is also linked to purity and innocence so you will often see white candles at events like christenings and weddings.
  • Black – this color is so often associated with bad things, but in the case of candles that’s as far from the truth as you could get. Lighting a black candle is believed to help in getting rid of negative energies.
  • Gold – this particular candle color is hugely popular over the festive season and it’s not surprising when you consider it symbolizes wealth and success as well as divinity.
  • Silver – again, this shade is very popular in the holiday season, but unlike gold it isn’t about wealth. Even though it can be considered quite bling, silver is actually a neutral shade that’s good for using in meditation.
  • Yellow – this color candle is perfect if you’re studying as the color can really help lift the mood and help you focus. The shade is also believed to reflect wisdom and intelligence. So when you’re cramming for exams, light a yellow candle and let’s hope it works!

Now that we’ve discovered the meanings of colors for candles, it’s time to pick our favorite scented ones. Most scented candles tend to come in neutral shades like whites and creams but occasionally you’ll find ones that are colored…

Jo Malone Candles

Probably the most famous name in the world of the scented candle, and with so many fragrances it’s no wonder why. Victoria Beckham’s a fan (she used them to scent her NYC fashion show), and so are we. The newest offering from Jo is called Wild Bluebell. It’s got notes of lily of the valley, jasmine and musk – very cottage garden and perfect for a pick-me-up on cold dreary days.


This ultra luxe designer label might normally be out of your price range, but – fingers crossed – you should be able to indulge in one of their scented candles. We like their Ambre Nuit candle which is the same scent as the fragrance from its La Collection Privee range. The deliciously deluxe scent of amber is perfect for creating a truly luxurious atmosphere. Ideal for romantic evenings in by a roaring log fire with the drapes drawn closed.

Caroline Herrera Candles

If you’re in need of some extreme ‘me’ time, then check out the lovely range of scented candles from Caroline Herrera. These candles are a great way of helping you to de-stress at the end of a long hard day as they’ve been all created to help aid a sense of serenity and calm.


It may have an unusual name but Pecksniff’s is certainly not to (excuse the pun) be sniffed at! It’s one of the last independent British fragrance houses so if you’re hankering for something that errs on the side of tradition in that truly British way, you’ll love the candles here. Their fragrant home medium candle is available in four scents – alive, happy, calm and naughty.

There are plenty of ways to light up your life. We reckon candles are the perfect solution, especially at this time of year, and there's such a variety available that you're bound to find the fun, festive candles you're looking for.

Thank you Isabella for this lovely post!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

OFF-TOPIC: I have to apologize again...

I am afraid I have to apologize again for not posting but the problems with our sweet pigeons do not go away. Maybe it is the crazy weather which plays tricks on humans and animals likewise but life does not always go as easy and smooth as we could wish.

We have taken responsibility to care and now we have to do what is more important: do everything that leads to a complete recovery. But I think we are well on the way. Nothing is more awarding than seeing a bird in full health again and being happy.

At the moment Micky, the young pigeon that got PMV, has got canker as well due to her low immune system. And our sweet Pina became sick also with canker but she is okay again. Her immune system is very strong so she quickly conquered the canker with some medication. Some more pigeons had to be treated - so no time for posting. But we are on the way...

Btw - would you have assumed that this is a pigeon nest? Yes - this is the nest of Lucky and Emily on our balcony with their private flower garden:

 Lucky coming home

 Emily leaving the nest

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