Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yippeee!!!! The first 3 Prints sold!

I know it is childish - but I just had to yell: the first 3 prints have been sold in my Etsy shop and I am very happy about this. I hope I can make other people happy as well....

If you would like to see what else is there please visit this direct link to my Etsy shop. Thank you!!!!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fine Art Prints available in my Etsy Shop

In order to make my pigeon paintings and othere available for more people and for those who simply to not have the space for larger paintings I am in the process of offering fine art prints in my Etsy shop:
You will find various sizes to choose from and if you just do not find what you were looking for please send me a note. There is nearly nothing that could not be realized...

I have finally found a manufacturer in town who delivers perfect work. After a couple of bad experiences which sent me into one nightmare after another I finally found someone who really does the paintings justice that much that they really look like the original and you hardly notice that it is a print "only". These are really fine art prints, printed on 420 g/m cotton canvas with EPSON Ultra Chrome K 3 inks and coming with a vendor warranty of 70 years. I think more is probably not needed grinsen.

The most effective way to show off these small prints I find would be antique frames such as these examples. Wouldn't this be a valid reason to rummage through the antiques markets on a free day???

"The Gathering"

"Contemplation on a Feather" 

 "Contemplation on a Predator"

"The Rain Dancer" 
(all images as fine art print, 8" x 12", on cotton canvas,
other sizes available - without additional frames)


Sunday, May 8, 2011

In Loving Memory

I miss you Mom
more than I can say
I wish that you
are in a place
 where these grow
in abundance and
in eternal beauty
 like you, Mom


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Purple Elegance in the Bedroom should not be sinister

You know I love the colour purple and I absolutely love rooms where this colour is used in abundance. But when you decorate a room in a relatively dark colour such as this one you need something that adds an equipoise in form of something light. Bedrooms need not be sinister and dark! I really don't understand why a very dark room should help to find sleep easier than a light, friendly and serene room?

Everything in this room adds to a sinister feeling. The colours are a perfect match but everything is equally dark. So if this were my room I would lighten it up with some paintings which bring some airiness into these 4 walls such as these ones from the Pigeons series:

The paintings are painted in acrylic on cotton. The first is called Contemplation on a Feather, the second one The Rain Dancer. For both the same beautiful pigeon was the model.

 "Contemplation on a Feather"
(from the Pigeons series) 
18" x 26" acrylic
©Petra Voegtle

"The Rain Dancer"
(from the Pigeons series) 
18" x 26" acrylic
©Petra Voegtle

If you would like to know more about this series please check this link.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

No Swirling in the Bedroom please!

What the heck did the interior decorator think when he placed those "panels" on the wall in that mode? It turns the whole room into a swirling movement. This is hardly applicable for any room where you have seating furniture and definitely not applicable for a bedroom. Imagine you enter this room and your glance goes directly towards the wall - you cannot overlook those panels - it will immediately effect your brain and your feeling will be that on a ship when it starts rolling. Not a good feeling when you are going to bed...

Btw - these panels are beautiful and probably handcarved wood. I assume that they are the remnants of a vintage coffered ceiling which have been saved from an old building. But this is not the right place for them to be displayed and certainly not in this way - please!

A bedroom per definition is a private place where people usually sleep for the night or relax during the day. Furthermore "in some jurisdictions there are basic features (such as a closet and a "means of egress") which a room must have in order to be qualify as a bedroom. In many states, such as Alaska, bedrooms are not required to have closets and must instead meet minimum size requirements." (Wikipedia) Funny isn't it?

I wished I had more paintings in a horizontal format which could be hung here but currently I haven't. So this one should only serve as an example. The colours in this room are nicely warm - still they could bear some additional slightly brighter colours to add a bit more serenity to this otherwise lovely room.

The painting I have hung here virtually as an alternative to the panels is a silk painting from the Magic Landscapes series and is called The Valley - inspired by the breathtakingly green valleys of the Hawaiian Islands.

"The Valley"
(from the Magic Landscapes Series)
silk, 21" x 40"
©Petra Voegtle
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