Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fine Art Prints available in my Etsy Shop

In order to make my pigeon paintings and othere available for more people and for those who simply to not have the space for larger paintings I am in the process of offering fine art prints in my Etsy shop:
You will find various sizes to choose from and if you just do not find what you were looking for please send me a note. There is nearly nothing that could not be realized...

I have finally found a manufacturer in town who delivers perfect work. After a couple of bad experiences which sent me into one nightmare after another I finally found someone who really does the paintings justice that much that they really look like the original and you hardly notice that it is a print "only". These are really fine art prints, printed on 420 g/m cotton canvas with EPSON Ultra Chrome K 3 inks and coming with a vendor warranty of 70 years. I think more is probably not needed grinsen.

The most effective way to show off these small prints I find would be antique frames such as these examples. Wouldn't this be a valid reason to rummage through the antiques markets on a free day???

"The Gathering"

"Contemplation on a Feather" 

 "Contemplation on a Predator"

"The Rain Dancer" 
(all images as fine art print, 8" x 12", on cotton canvas,
other sizes available - without additional frames)


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