Friday, January 7, 2011

Romance pure and a chinoiserie Wallpaper

Did I tell you that I love romantic bedrooms? Probably. But bedrooms are the only rooms in a house where you can live out these kinds of feelings and not be embarrassed if you do so because hardly anyone else (at least not a stranger) will know. This is an argument - isn't it? Your bedroom is all yours and you can do what you want.
Btw - I adore the richly carved bed in this photo - it is heavenly - I wished it were mine...

So I virtually threw out the mirror on the wall - there is still the small one - and replaced it by a painting. I love doing this kind of things to see how it could feel... What do you think? I also removed the lamp which I found to be a bit out of place - colourwise.

 original image source and with courtesy of 

The acrylic painting is called White Wall and belongs to the Reminiscences series. I have shown this painting in quite a few room vignettes - if you check this link.



K&B by the Sea said...

Your painting is perfect for this room. And the frame is a perfect match to the bed :-)

{Thanks for sharing your thoughts about plate walls. It's totally OK that you hate them!}

Unknown said...

Ha Kelly - thanks for your tolerance - was not sure whether I should have said that...:-)

Springbrunnen said...

Very Nice, Thanks

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