Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Obsessed by the Colour Purple

To be honest I don't care a bit about things which might be trendy or not, I don't care about fashion envogue or not and I could not care less about colours whether they are in style or not but I can tell you exactly what I like and what I dislike. And Purple is a colour that I am obsessed with - so it seems at the moment. In a couple of months or even tomorrow this could be history.

Currently I write a whole series around the colour Purple on my other blog In Terms of Colour, referring to various subjects but all around the colour and it is a lot of fun. I have realized that especially this colour (as defined by the RGB percentages) appears in so many variations which seem to belong to completely different hues at the same time as no other colour is capable of. Also the natural purple colours seem to appear in more variations than any other colour. I could be wrong though as I have no scientific proof for this statement but on my research through the internet I found far more natural objects in purples than in other colours so far.

Back to interiors.
The purple shades I especially love in interiors are the dark ones, the deeply saturated ones, the dusty ones as in the following example which is rather a rosybrown-tan-thistle-palevioletred-lavenderblush composition than real purple but it belongs into the range.

Besides missing some art other than those small objects on the wall (as in the original photo below) I virtually placed one of my photography works on the wall which would add some more interest to this room:

(original image source:shinedesign.blog124.fc2.com)

Now here comes an example which I really find exciting. The deep purple of the wall makes a statement! The only flaw in my opinion is the stupid hifi on the wall - this ugly little thing really does not fit with this exotic Chinese bed. What a room could this be with something else than that black thing. I replaced it virtually with another piece of my photography work - how would you like it now?

(original images source: blog.styleestate.com)

The next room is marvellous as it is in this vignette. I love that huge mirror with the silver frame which adds a touch of luxury to this otherwise quite simple room.

(original image source: modern-interior-decoration.blogspot.com)

The following "dining" room would earn the undertitle "bohemien" and I love it. It's not only the dark shades of purple that make my heart swing but that kind of uncomplicated and casual decoration that reveals a lot of personality.

(original image source: harmonyandhome.blogspot.com)

The next room is ridiculously unrealistic - made for Hollywood film sets - but surely not for the "real world". I love to look at these amenities though which seem to be populated only by very beautiful and very sophisticated people. I wonder how it would feel to sleep in a bed such as this one? Like a princess? But then I would have to go back in time many many many years...

(original images source: arhzine.com)

And here is another crapulence in purple and zebra which might foster a hearty belly laugh - I thought I should not deprive you of this fanciful design...

(original images source: besthousedesign.com)
Any comments on this one?


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