Thursday, January 24, 2013

YIPPEE - I passed the 200 K views mark and did not realize

I just realized that I passed the 200.000 views mark on this little blog and did not realize.
Indeed I am very proud of it and want to thank all my readers for their loyalty. Without YOU I would have given up already.

So a big

to you


Friday, January 11, 2013

GUEST POST: Beauty Lies in Simplicity

Beauty Lies in Simplicity

This is a guest post contributed by Eva Stephen.

The well-known saying “Less is more” can sometimes be a wonderful guide to people looking for ideas on how to decorate or remodel their home. There’s some charm in over-stuffed rooms, full of interesting details, especially if they are exotic. However, simplicity brings beauty and grace to a home that no crowded space can match.

Positive aspects of simple solutions

If you are not a big fan of loud, shocking colours, elaborate decorations on walls and ceilings, unusual furniture and making sure no corner remains empty, you’ll enjoy the positive aspects of simple décor. Minimalistic style:

• brings out the beauty of your home’s architecture
• makes your home look more spacious and elegant
• makes it much easier to keep your house clean and tidy
• has a calming effect on the house’s inhabitants

What’s lovely about minimalistic homes owners is their love for plants. Plants are usually that lively, colourful “detail” that interrupts the sheer simplicity and brings out the house’s beauty.

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Colours that spell out elegance and style

When decorating walls, there are many factors to consider: the purpose of the room, how many windows it has, how big it is, how you want to feel in it. Teenagers and older people will no doubt want different things from their surroundings.

When going for a simple style in your home, you’ll want your eyes to rest on soothing colours: earthy tones, different shades of brown and cream, peach, very light green, or simply white. Different rooms can have different wall paint, to match the furniture appropriately, but they should all have a soothing effect.

Children’s room is probably the happiest, most colourful room in the house, so even when you want to keep it simple and toned down, the yellow, orange, baby blue and bright green are definitely allowed in the play room.

If you decide on the white throughout, make sure you put up some nice photos, quality paintings or similar details that will open up your home, and not make it look sterile.

In healthy surroundings, healthy body

People who lead messy, disorganized lives often don’t eat properly and have problems with their weight. It’s well known that people who pay attention to how they make and serve food are healthier.

 Jeannies Kitchen Via

You should not eat standing up, hurrying on to some other task, or plopped down on a sofa, watching TV. Food should be eaten at a tidy table in a pleasant atmosphere. Most happy events, whether private or business, are celebrated during a meal, which is why a great amount of care should be given to dining room decoration.

Many people, especially women, are very interested in how their kitchen is decorated. The bigger, more spacious and brighter it is, the easier it is to spend hours in it. Don’t clutter the kitchen with unnecessary elements, but maximize its space and potential putting only what’s necessary in it.

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Beauty and simplicity go together

Another reason to go for the minimalist style in your home is - it is less likely you’ll do a bad job decorating this way. When you clutter your home with many things, the chances are higher some of these things will not look good together. You don’t want your house to look distasteful, but you do want it to be pleasant to live in and beautiful. Keep it simple and you’ll love it.

Thank you Eva for this lovely article


Thursday, January 10, 2013

STRANGE: What should I do with this?

Some pics I find on the internet really puzzle me - especially when it comes to interior design. The question here is "what the heck am I supposed to do with this special piece of furniture?" I mean the long brown piece that reminds me so very much of the exercises you were supposed to carry out on these vaults in old stinky school gyms.

If this is supposed to serve as seating furniture then I would really fear to lose my balance while reaching for a cup of coffee on the table not to mention these lamps which remind me strangely of hanging boobs...

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