Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Bathroom with a mysterious Landscape

I love mysteries. I love mystery stories, I love mysterious people and I absolutely love mysterious landscapes. I love to explore caves, gorges and all those places where you don't know what you can expect turning around the next corner. It is exiting, it is food for inspiration, it is a source for dreams of another world. What would our lives be without mysteries and dreams?

I am especially fascinated by stalactite caves. They are truly mysterious and your phantasies can go berserk when you look at those glitzy stalactites and stalacmites, the forms and patterns they create, sometimes looking like sculptures of humans or aninmals, sometimes filigree like crotcheted lace even in different colours depending on the minerals they contain. A natural miracle and mystery. Beautiful beyond any words.

This is how Mother Nature designs her interior:

And this is my humble example of re-creating a landscape from below the surface on silk:

(from the Magic Landscapes Series)
silk, 40" x 21"
©Petra Voegtle

And in which interior design would I place this painting? F.e. in this bathroom where this painting would certainly add a mystic touch. Imagine you relax in your bathtub after a long working day and you dream of landscapes which do not seem to be on this world...

(unfortunately the original image source got lost...I apologize)



Rekha said...

The painting looks perfect in the bathroom.

Unknown said...

Thank you Rekha!

DesignTies said...

Wow, those stalactites are amazing!! Nature is the greatest artist :-)

And you're the next-greatest artist -- your painting gorgeous!! It's perfect on that wall :-)


P.S. Of course you can come in through my turquoise door :-)

Unknown said...

Ah Kelly - you are really so sweet!
Regarding those caves - I could watch those docus for hours. There must be some caves in Mexico - not available for the public though - which contain huge - I mean really huge - several meters! - crystals of rock crystal. True miracles. How I wished I could see these in reality!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Petra, I should never bebrave enough to go underground and see stalactites or stalagmites at close quarters but your images of them which you show here are wonderful. But, what an imaginative idea to place one of your beautiful art works in a room. And, what a difference it made to the bathroom. It gave focus, something to consider and mystery, certainly.

I am so pleased to have found you.

design traveller said...

Great concept. I love vintage style bathrooms!

Unknown said...

Hi Edith, thank you so much for your lovely compliment. I left a comment on your blog about the coincidences of this world - LOL.

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