Thursday, September 16, 2010

Art and Interior Design - an Offer for free

Imagine interior design devoid of any art object, no painting, without anything that pleases the eye other than having a useful purpose. A sad picture - isn't it? Boring, cold, repellent. Especially in rooms where you spend quite some time, where you have to wait for your dialog partner, a meeting etc.

Imagine arriving at a hotel lobby that offers no visual welcome besides a few flowers on the counter. How boring! On the other hand how inviting could the reception hall be with one or two pieces of sophisticated art on the wall or on a table.

Wherever we go we are surrounded by visual impacts. We perceive them often only through the subconscience but nevertheless they have an influence on our emotional response. This is revealed by a postive or a negative feeling. There is no difference whether you are in a public or a private room. I bet you sometimes cannot even tell what it is that causes your feeling of missing harmony. And this is exactly the moment where you need a person to help you to go into the right direction.

I can offer you ideas how a room could be turned into a harmonius entity. Sometimes you only need something very simple, an eyecatcher in order to add a focus. In other cases you need to take out some tension by adding a certain colour and this could be easily achieved f.e. through a painting or wall hanging without redecorating and changing the whole room.

Send me a photo or two of a room you are not happy with and I will see what I could come up with. And if you like we could even discuss this on this blog. If not I will keep this offline and private of course. Just let me know. You can contact me under This is absolutely free!



Anonymous said...

Dear Petra, What a very generous offer on your part. I am certain that you will be inundated with responses. I will not add to your workload but will look forward to reading of future developments.

DesignTies said...

Every room needs to reflect the home owners and the things they love. And a great way to do that is by hanging art or displaying meaningful objects. Empty walls and shelves are boring!!

Thanks for the link to the romantic bedroom -- it's really beautiful :-)


Unknown said...

Dear Edith,
thank you so much for your kind comment again!

Unknown said...

Hi Kelly - oh yes - I think in private rooms people don't have these problems so very much but I realize again and again that in public rooms decoration and a personalisation is awful stepchild. People tend to forget that in an "alien" environment you can change a lot to make people simply feel better. Who would deny that in a space with a beautiful aura even business is much more successful than in a cold and boring place?

Jennifer@threedogsinagarden said...

Decorating your own home is so much harder than decorating someone else's space. I am about to do my living room and am frozen by hesitation and doubts with regard to the woodwork.

To paint or not to paint woodwork- that is my general question? I know it is all the fashion to slap a coat of white paint to freshen up woodwork, but what is you don't want to cover up beautiful wood that is almost 100 years old. Is there an alternative that can be just as fresh? What's your opinion?

Unknown said...

Hi Jennifer,
I agree with you. The point is that we often get stuck with the environment we see daily. It is the same with psychological problems - it is much easier to help someone else and show a way out than to solve what's bothering ourselves.

Regarding beautiful old woodwork - I would never paint it and thus destroy the natural beauty of wood. If it needs to be freshened up I would rather sand it carefully and treat it with a transparent glaze in order to preserve the natural grain of the wood. There are uncountable possibilities and if I were you I would discuss this with someone in a big DIY store. Unfortunately I am here in Germany and cannot advice you on certain products but as I work with wood myself I know there are many possibilities.
Another possibility is to treat the wood with beeswax and polish it afterwards - this makes old wood incredibly smooth and shiny and brings out the grain and colour perfectly.

Why don't you send me a photo or two of your room in question?

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