Monday, February 11, 2013

OFF-TOPIC: Sick Pigeons again...

I am way behind posting again but I have 3 sick pigeons again who require a lot of extra care. But I love these birds so much - therefore everything else has to stay behind.

As you may remember - when you are reading the Pigeon Tales - we had several cases of PMV infections among our balcony pigeons. All of them recovered completely. But these days our beloved Pina was showing severe symptoms again such as stargazing and she refused to fly out with her mate Rudi for several weeks. She felt insecure and as she is a very clever girl she preferred to stay in the saftety of our appartment.

Then Micky started to show severe symptoms also, flying like a Kamikaze but she somehow managed to land safely every time. Curently she is often inside together with her mate Gino and I am glad about this. Because this way she can relax better and therefore stargazes less.

Finally Jimi came late in the afternoon 2 weeks ago and did not want to leave again. So I put him into one of my hospital boxes and there he is since then, sitting on the edge most of the time, protected behind a mosquito net so that neither Rudi nor Gino can molest him. I have to tube feed him 3 times a day as he refuses to eat by himself. His intestines are affected by the virus therefore his digestion is pretty poor. But baby cereal with applesauce and joghurt help. Additionally he gets some pro-biotics. Jimi is also a very clever pigeon. He came back home to his mommy when he felt bad. Isn't this sweet?

Yesterday was a good day though for everbody. They all had a bath and afterwards they relaxed on the sofa, on our bed etc....
Pina and Rudi

Micky and Gino

Jimi relaxing on his box

Jimi soaking in the bathtub


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