Friday, June 10, 2011

SMALL SPACES: Garage converted into a living Space

In modern cities living spaces have become rare and expensive. Additionally the number of single parent families is increasing in western countries which means you need even more space for more individuals. No matter whether this is a desirable development (in fact it isn't) it is happening and solutions have to be found because cities cannot supply endless space for a decent living. But there might be a lot of space which is not utilzed any more for various reasons.

A while ago I found this very interesting article via and I thought I would love to share this with you if you haven't seen this yet:
"Garage conversions are very popular nowadays. It is amazing what some can do out of an old rusty room and today we have yet another project that proves impossible is nothing. French architects at Fabre | de Marien managed to completely transform a 41 sqm garage located in Bordeaux into a welcoming living space." (continue to read here)

With some plants and more decoration you could even convert the external part of this wall into a welcoming space that certainly sets oneself apart from the ugly surrounding and might even inspire the neighbourhood to do something similar.



RingBali said...

Vertical development is the solution of that matter, Since there are no more space.

In my town, however, forbidden to build a building higher than coconut tree.

This drive a change of farm into building.

Unknown said...

Vertical development is often not the desired solution as it destroys skylines. This is merely an idea for unused space that is already there.

Joanie Ballard said...

Beautifully done! Love how this was transformed.

Unknown said...

Yes - that's what I thought too. Simply a brilliant idea and I could imagine that this could be done in a very cost effective way also.
Thank you for your visit, Joanie.

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