Saturday, April 16, 2011

Wrought Iron Bed and a Golden Nymph

I really love this little bedroom. It is incredibly sweet and full of romantic. And of course the wrought iron bed. I never had one but I find these kinds of beds wonderfully oldfashioned and somehow I always associate a feeling of happy childhood with them. Strange isn't it? Wrought iron beds are definitely not for kids only...

This could be a gorgeous bedroom in a cottage. I could imagine a scenery with an old rose garden and many large old trees around the house and and ...

...and of course I would not leave this room alone, without a single art piece on the wall. I have one that would complement the bed, the colours perfectly:

The silk wall hanging has been entirely hand quilted with silk thread and painted. Even the intricate patterns on the figure's dress is painted with metallic pigments.

"Golden Nymph"
50" x 26", Silk Art Quilt
©Petra Voegtle

Normally this is hung with hand made wooden dowels but the wall hanging could be also mounted on a stretcher frame and additionally framed - see link.



design elements said...

I like the lighting next to the windows...Happy Sunday!

Unknown said...

This golden nymph is absolutely stunning. Its breath-taking. It can give an artistic feel to any place just by being a wall-hanging. Its presence is so exotic!

Jessica x

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