Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Dining Room in minimalist Style but so cold...

While I hate overstuffed and crowded rooms - the complete opposite is equally not to my liking.
Honestly folks - how would YOU feel in such a place? This may be hipp but who would feel comfort and really could enjoy a good meal here? The floor is cold, table and chairs do not really look inviting although the four of them would suggest that you expect some company? The wall is blank besides some fixtures and the lamp might be trendy but may add some warmth only when lit in the dark.
So what to do here?

(original image source

Solution: at least adding some art on the wall. Such as this one, few colours only to stick to the design style but at least something for the eye to rest on:

The acrylic painting is from the Fossils series: Triassic Prints III. Like a faux marble painting it depicts the patterns of black marble but with the inclusion of ferns - which have been added btw with a special dye resist technique to embed them into the "stone surface".

"Triassic Prints III"
(from the "Fossils" series)
40" x 13", acrylic on cotton
©Petra Voegtle


Jimmy The Undercover Designer said...

Art always adds personality and warmth to rooms espcially if properly placed. like what you did to this room it added the missing element

Unknown said...

Thanks, Jimmy!

Side tables for living room said...

I always admire the commendable work. You have done very good job. Wish you luck!!

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