Monday, June 14, 2010

An Entrance Hall with one of the most beautiful Landscapes in the World

Yes - I have shown you virtual room examples with this painting before but the more pictures I see from beautiful interior designs the more possibilities there are to place fine art.

What I especially loved here is the wonderful door, very sophisticated but not overdone. The filigree cast iron makes the whole ensemble wonderfully light and unobstrusive. Often doors of big entries are plump and excessive - not so here.

 original image source from (left part)

The left part of this image is the original source photo - so I just added the right half as if the wall was elongated. It could be - couldn't it? I do not derogate the work of the interior designer in any way - on the contrary. I consider my art being a potential compliment to the ideas and composition of the interior designer.

About the painting: I have been there, seen this breathtaking landscape with my own eyes and will never forget about it. See some of the photos I have taken here. I wished I could go back with the camera and the easel and do what so many artists have done before me. So many motifs I would like to share...

The painting consists of 5 panels which are painted on silk. The photo does not do justice to the work - it takes you into a 3d-view when you are in front of it!

"Monuments of Guilin"
(from the Magic Landscapes series)

Polyptych, 40" x 65", silk
©Petra Voegtle


DesignTies said...

Wow, this is a stunning painting!! I hope you have a chance to go back to Guilin and create more beautiful pieces of artwork that celebrate this amazing landscape :-)

I'm so happy you enjoyed the pictures in my Out of Africa post. When I came across them this morning, my eyes were in awe!!!


Unknown said...

Kelly - thank you so much for your lovely compliment. This landscape is truly mindboggling. I have seen many beautiful landscapes in this world but this is one that stays in my heart forever...

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