Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lost Treasures in the Hallway

The hallway of this house looks marvellous with its space for arts and crafts. So my thought for this stairway was - if it were mine - to hang this silk carving with its trees and floral environmental theme: Lost Treasures as a complementary art piece to the wonderful pottery besides the stairways.

As I already said - the silk carving is an environmental piece and - belonging to the Hawaiian Symbols series - it stands for all the extinguished flora and fauna of this world. Especially the Hawaiian archipelago has lost many of its endemic species thanks to the introduction of too many aliens due to the ignorance of immigrants and natives - mostly not with bad intentions but nevertheless deadly for the existing species.

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"Lost Treasures"
( from the Hawaiian Symbols series)
silk carving, 66" x 17"
©Petra Voegtle

If you would like to see more detail photos please check this link

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