Sunday, April 11, 2010

There is always Hope

It seems that our life is returning to some "normal" conditions again and I might be able to post more often again. Our little "pigeon hospital" has released 3 birds (from 5, partially 6 - that was a string injury) who have recovered completely from their severe illnesses.
Jimi, who is a PMV (Paramoxyvirus) survivor had been hospitalized since beginning of December and Alice, who had a bad bacterial infection, was here for more than 6 weeks. Both pigeons are fully recovered and even fell in love with one another. Isn't that sweet? They are roaming the world together now but come in once or twice a day to get a proper meal here. So I can have an eye on them - they are really doing well.

The 3rd pigeon is our Willy who has also survived a PMV infection and was hospitalized since November last year. I never thought that he would recover completely again but he is now his old self again - cheeky, sneeky, funny and a wonderful flyer. His mate is Pina who was the first to become sick beginning of November last year. She still cannot be released as she is still showing symptoms like stargazing and circling from time to time. But there is hope that she will eventually recover completely also. She could not eat any more nor fly for more than 4 months. She now can eat by herself again and she is able to fly again although landings are still a bit wobbly. But she is exercising.
Winnie also needs some time for recovery still. She still needs to be handfed 3 times a day as she cannot eat by herself yet. But I think she will recover completely too.

This is Pina and Willy in their nest in my studio:

How cute is this?

If you like to read more details about our pigeon family soap you can do so in the Pigeon Tales, a diary about a whole pigeon gang that roams our balcony and their daily drama that is going on, tales of love and hate, jealousy and fights, tenderness and intimidation.

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