Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A modern Sunroom

There is no knickknack in this room - only clear elegance, no extra embellishment. The emphasis is on the view to the garden, unspoiled, without distraction. This place lives with the light that enters this room without any barriers, giving a feeling as if you are sitting directly in the garden. A modern understanding of a sunroom I would think.

The silk carving on the wall is merely a connection with the feeling that we all embrace from time to time, a longing for something else we do not own, another sphere, another time, light in times of darkness...

If you would like to see details of the silk carving use this link.

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"The Longing"
silk carving
©Petra Voegtle


Unknown said...

This looks so serene and beautiful, I love such clean rooms.
They have a timeless elegance.
Your silk carving of 'Longing' is magnificent.

Unknown said...

Hi Victoria,
thanks for the nice comment!

Ivory Pearl Interiors said...

The silk carving is really weird. I like it, but it scares me as well! I guess that's exactly why I like it.
Beautiful room!

Unknown said...

This is exactly what it was supposed to evoke! Thank you for confirming what I tried to say...

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