Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hornets on Silk and a Chaiselongue...

Most of you probably do not love this insect but I would like to break a stone for them.

This silk scroll is an hommage to an insect which has a very bad reputation due to many myths which need to be rectified. Exaggerated stories of hornet attacks and the effect of their stings such as "Seven hornet stings kill a horse, three an adult and two a child" simply belong to that world of fairy tales. Such myths which exist for generations have led to the hornet to become an endangered species in many areas of Central Europe, due to merciless human pursuit.

Hornets are extremely beneficial. If you have hornets in your garden you should be very glad because hornets hunt wasps and other insects. They are not attracted by sweet smells, they are not interested in any human food and therefore don't bother you when you are in the garden. On the contrary - they keep wasps at distance. They are not aggressive at all unless you disturb their nest.
Hornets belong to the most sophisticated architects in the insect world. Their nests are extremely beautiful and were the inspiration for this painted abstract silk scroll.

The original artwork on the wall was something different. But I thought this scroll, mounted on a frame (instead of a silk scroll hung on dowels) would complement this chaiselongue wonderfully, composing antique style with modern abstract art that reflects something very precious - nature on silk.

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43" x 24", silk scroll

©Petra Voegtle

Similar to the nests of hornets are the magnificent nest structures of wood wasps. I have added some photos I made from pieces of a wasp nest, photographed against light so that you can admire the structures and patterns of these incredible architects:

photography ©Petra Voegtle

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