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GUEST POST: Five Ways to Incorporate European Culture into Your Interior Design

Five Ways to Incorporate European Culture into Your Interior Design

Europe is a vast space that’s full of contrasting and interesting cultures. And luckily for design buffs, there are many ways that you can bring a taste of Europe into your living space. If you’ve been lacking in inspiration, it could be the ideal way to bring a breath of fresh air into your home.

Here, we take a look at five ways to incorporate European culture into your interior design.

Create a pretty mosaic wall feature

Mosaic walls bring a Mediterranean feel into your home, and are surprisingly easy to create. Part of their beauty is that you can make them yourself, adding a touch of your own imagination to your space. All you’ll need is a selection of porcelain or quartz tiles and some grouting materials. If you have a big family, consider getting everyone involved in the mosaic. There are no rules, and everyone can put their own stamp on the home.

Look out for wrought iron furniture

When you take a walk around a typical Spanish villa, you’ll find plenty of simple wrought iron furniture that brings a rustic and simple feel to the living space. If you have an area of the home that you need new furniture for, consider taking this approach. Balanced with some warm colours on the walls, you could have a Spanish inspired room without too much fuss.

Keep it minimalistic

If you’re looking for something unique and out of the ordinary, you might want to lean towards Swedish influences. Known for their simple designs and clean finishes, Swedish inspired décor is affordable and easy to implement. Think of minimalism, no clutter, large pieces of furniture, lots of glass and basic, non-complex artwork adorning your walls.

Bring a pizza oven into your kitchen

You’d be hard pushed to find a pizza better than you would in Italy, though with a few tweaks in your kitchen, you could have your very own taste of Europe with as little fuss as possible. Reaching super high temperatures that are required for the perfect base, pizza ovens could transform your kitchen space as well as your culinary repertoire.

Make use of outdoor space

There is no pleasure simpler or greater than enjoying a few drinks and nibbles with friends on a warm summer evening. So why not create your very own luxury outdoor living space? With some patio tiling, a barbecue, and some beautiful flower features, you’ll almost feel like you’re sipping your wine from somewhere much more Mediterranean.

Will you be putting any of these ideas into action? Which one is your favourite?

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Thank you Agnes for this great post!

I have added a few pics from the website of Tons of Tiles because they are offering quite some unusual tiles which may be of interest:

 From the "Museum" range:  "Banksy" inspired tiles

From the "Museum" range:  "Bookcase" inspired tiles

 From the "Museum" range:  "Newspaper" inspired tiles

 "From Spanish Designer Tile Company Peronda - Wood Effect tiles"

 From the "Moroccan" collection

From the "Moroccan" collection

"Parisian Chic" Decor Mix Wall Tile

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