Saturday, July 14, 2012

A wonderful Match

Oh my - the time marches fast - especially around this part of the year where I prefer to spend more time outdoors on my balcony etc. than sitting in front of the computer or at the easel. So I have to apologize that I haven't posted for a while.

Checking through my treasury of collected images I found this one of a room vignette where I love 2 things: the colours and the iron work of the 2 tables. It is such a simple setting but it looks so cozy and harmonious. I would love to sit there, read a nice book and listen to some classical music.

(original image source:

Then I thought a painting was missing on the wall to make this harmony really complete. Nautilus is painted on silk and the colours would complement the colours of the wall beautifully.

The silk painting belongs to the Magic Creatures series and is one of my favourite paintings in general. The use of mother-of-pearl pigments together with the silk paints makes this painting really sparkling in light.

(from the Magic Creatures Series)
silk, 40" x 13"
©Petra Voegtle


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