Thursday, December 1, 2011

OFF-TOPIC: I have to apologize again...

I am afraid I have to apologize again for not posting but the problems with our sweet pigeons do not go away. Maybe it is the crazy weather which plays tricks on humans and animals likewise but life does not always go as easy and smooth as we could wish.

We have taken responsibility to care and now we have to do what is more important: do everything that leads to a complete recovery. But I think we are well on the way. Nothing is more awarding than seeing a bird in full health again and being happy.

At the moment Micky, the young pigeon that got PMV, has got canker as well due to her low immune system. And our sweet Pina became sick also with canker but she is okay again. Her immune system is very strong so she quickly conquered the canker with some medication. Some more pigeons had to be treated - so no time for posting. But we are on the way...

Btw - would you have assumed that this is a pigeon nest? Yes - this is the nest of Lucky and Emily on our balcony with their private flower garden:

 Lucky coming home

 Emily leaving the nest


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