Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sorry for not posting - but there was an Emergency...

When you think you have time again to write there is definitely something coming your way that needs your attention. This time it was a sick pigeon again (I sometimes wonder how they find me???).
I had observed her already a day before I could catch her and realized that there was something sticking to her chest or coming out of her chest and knew immediately that there was something wrong.

After I had caught her (we named her Lotti) we could do a close examination. I realized that she had a crop rupture, a hole the size of a 5 eurocent piece (2cm in diameter) in her crop and the food was coming out of it. Well - I rather spare you the details - fact is, that she healed completely in our care and was released again this morning.

Crop ruptures are nasty because when this is not treated (closed) the pigeon normally dies of infection which is a slow death. Imagine you have a hole in your stomac and your dinner is coming out of it. This time it went very well because Lotti found us on time before anything really bad could happen.

I am so happy...

and this was her play pen:

and this was finally her great day after a large breakfast (that's why her face is a bit wet):



Jimmy The Undercover Designer said...

This only shows a kind heart. It is so nice of you to take care of this pigeon glad it was a happy ending

Unknown said...

Thank you Jimmy! I love pigeons very much as they are amazing birds and so very often misinterpreted. They have given me already so much, as models, comforting me when I was sad that I consider it my task to help when I can.
Do you know my diary "Pigeon Tales"? This says it all:

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