Sunday, March 6, 2011

BLOGGING: Missing Thumbnail Images

About 2 weeks ago I realized that the thumbnail images in my blogrolls did not appear any more - only a few were showing up but most had disappeared.I realized in the comments of other blogger that I was not the only one with this problem.

It took some time to find the answer in the help forums i.e. there is a work around until this problem has been fixed - therefore I am posting this here in case you are desperately looking for a solution as well:

Go into the "edit" mode of your post, look for the first image that will normally appear as thumbnail and replace the following:
"The solution lies in replacing https with http and googleusercontent with ggpht
So for example:
If you do these substitutions in your first image, the thumbnail will be generated without problem."
Be sure to do this twice in the code of your first image - otherwise it will not work!


columnist said...

Brilliant, thank you! Do you have to do that every time do you know?

Unknown said...

I think yes until they have changed this. A bit annoying but at least a solution. At least you have to do this only for one image.

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